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Moving Guide
Information and advice for moving to a new area.

  • Moving Tips and Home Values - Planning ahead for your move will make it less stressful and a more positive experience.
  • 10 Essential Packing Tips - You can save a lot of money if you do the bulk of the packing on your own.
  • Moving with Kids - You're readying for a move and you have a million things to take care of: closing the deal on your new house or apartment, anticipating your new job, and scheduling a pick-up, but it is important that you don't neglect your children.
  • Moving Insurance - Insurance/Valuation, Coverage & Claims...
    might be the most problematic and misunderstood part of any moving contract. You can buy three levels of insurance/valuation coverage:
  • Warehouse Storage - Warehouse storage is a perfectly viable option if you have large furniture, lawn chairs, boxes of out-of-season clothing or other bulky items that you seldom use but are not ready to give away.
  • Solving Disputes with a Mover - Relocation is never an easy process. Unfortunately, not every move will go smoothly.
  • Packing Overview and Tips - Decide which items you'll be packing yourself and which items you'll have the movers pack.
  • Travelling with Pets By Car - Moving companies will not transport anything living. If you plan to move with your pets, they will be your sole responsibility.
  • After the Move - You have just completed your move to your new home or apartment. Unfortunately, there will be no rest for the weary just yet. Now it's time to find out if the move has been a successful one.
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