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So, You Want to Buy a Home?


----------------------------------------------------------------------------Perhaps you woke up this morning and just decided it was time to start looking for a new home?

Or, maybe you've already started looking, but you want more direction as to what you should be doing to find the perfect home?

What prompted your new home search?

  • Did you look around and see that you have really outgrown the place you are in now?
  • Are you currently renting, but are ready to buy your own home?
  • Are you at the beginning stages of being an "empty nester," and want to be proactive in your search?
  • Did your job (or the job of your spouse or your significant other) get transferred to another city or state?
  • Did any unfortunate situation occur that has prompted or required you to move?

    As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you may be looking for a new home or (for you in particular) this could be your first home purchase. Regardless of the reason, are you still feeling anxious about your search? Are you asking yourself any of the following questions?
  • Buying a new home should be easy enough to do, right?
  • People buy new homes everyday, don't they?
  • There are professionals out there that will help me with my search, aren't there?
    The answer to each of those questions is "Yes." But, if you want to get exactly what you want, it's always a good idea to first have a picture of what you want in your mind's eye.

    Here are three critical tips that you should consider when looking to purchase your next home:

    1. Know and understand which questions to ask during your entire home buying experience - then ask them.

    To many, this sounds simple enough and a real no-brainer. However, the hard part is actually having the correct questions to ask so that you get the real answers you need to make an informed purchase. This is extremely critical since these are likely the same questions that the seller or their agent might be hoping you don't think about asking. And, don't think that the only questions you should be asking are directed to the sellers. There are many more questions you'll need answered to protect yourself from what the sellers might not even know about their own property.

    2. Engage more of your senses when inspecting a property you're thinking about buying.

    When I say "senses," I literally mean your four senses of sight, touch, hearing, and smell. Unless the seller has cookies baking to impress you (and offers you one), the only sense you won't be using is taste! I guarantee that - if you are more in tune with your senses - you'll be surprised at the number of important details you will pick up on and notice during your walk through the property; details many people miss because they are not using all of their senses as best they could.

    3. Keep your emotions in check!

    Make every attempt to not make your purchase decision based purely on your emotions. When you learn how to avoid buying based purely on your emotions, you will be prepared to walk away from a home - even a home that might have that one "something special" aspect about it that you just love and feel you absolutely need.
    About the author - Don Berthiaume

    Don Berthiaume has been in real estate for over 20 years. His Home Buyer Defense Guide has helped home buyers better understand the questions to ask when buying a home. His other online resource, the Educated Home Buyer, provides invaluable information on home buying; particularly as it relates to credit, mortgages and finances.

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